Colourful roses

There are thousands of flower species, but the best known is the rose. The rose is known worldwide and brings up a certain emotion in everyone. When you think of the red rose, you think of love. A bouquet of fresh roses makes everyone happy, but the happiest bouquets contain roses of all different colours. A colourful bouquet can be given as a gift but can also be used as decoration in your home. A beautiful bouquet of colourful fresh roses brightens up the house immediately. Colourful rose bouquets are often sold in colour groups. For example, it is appropriate to bind all pastel-coloured roses in a bouquet and all autumn-coloured roses in a bouquet.

Colourful roses as a gift

A bouquet of colourful roses is of course very nice to give as a gift. Do think carefully about the colour combination of the bouquet. Each bouquet is better suited to a particular occasion than another. For someone who is always cheerful and loves colours, a bouquet of many different colours is best. Think of a combination of the colours yellow, red, white and pink. For a gentle person, a bouquet of white and pink is appropriate. For someone who loves the colours of autumn, a bouquet of orange, red and yellow is appropriate. So, for everyone there is a different appropriate colourful bouquet.

The most beautiful rose varieties

There are hundreds of varieties of roses in the world, but what are the most beautiful roses? Everyone has their own taste in what they consider beautiful. But if we look at quality, there are a few rose varieties that perform very well. Roses from the countries Ecuador, Kenya and the Netherlands all have good quality. The roses from Ecuador are characterized by a very beautiful and bright colour. A very beautiful rose variety from Kenya is ‘Memorylane’. This variety has a natural lavender colour. This is very special. A high quality rose from the Netherlands is “Red Naomi”. This rose is known worldwide as one of the best roses grown. The bright red colour makes it a love rose.