Metal deburring machine

If you’re working with metal parts, you certainly have noticed a reduction in the efficiency and quality of your output sometimes. Often you can see spiky nodes on the surface, called ‘burrs’. These are imperfections that appear on machinery parts with constant use. They cause wear and become bigger and bigger over time. Eventually the burrs can have a serious negative effect on the quality of your production line.


By using a metal deburring machine, you will prevent all this to happen. We at Q-fin are very aware of the deburring problem when producing metal and that’s why we have experts developing several deburring machines for all sorts of metal components. Our metal deburring machines are for daily use and make sure they take care of the hard and rough edges of steel, titanium and aluminium parts. They will grinding them down to a smooth finish. You’re able to be certain of a constant smooth, quietly and efficient production line. Also, you’re able to deliver quickly high quality products to your customers. For more information about burring or advice about our deburring metal machines, please contact the Q-fin team right away.