Four essential tips to book bands for your party

Upbeat tunes are a part of the party. But don’t book bands until you’ve read our four essential tips.

Know what you look for

Know what kind of band you look for. Also think of the music genre and the audience. For example; the audience at a wedding loves a mix for all ages, while the guests at a 50th birthday party love a cover band which plays real classics.

Book in advance to avoid disappointment

Booking bands in advance is an important reminder. If you want a live band at your party, than it’s the best to book the band a year or six months in advance. Especially over the period from April to October it can be busy.

Consider a day package

Looking for entertainment throughout the day or the event? Than it might be better value to find a company that will manage everything and offer you a day package. For example: At Evenses Entertainment you can book bands, but also entertainment, acts, shows, attractions and cocktail bars.

Ensure the band has a contract

Ensure you the band has a contract that includes a cancellation policy and space requirements. At a trustable entertainment company, like Evenses, you just can book bands with contracts. If someone in the band is ill, we replace the bandmember or the whole band. This offers you couples comfort and still ensures you that their will play an amazing band at your party.