The Best Dart Games for An Odd Number Of Players

Playing darts is always fun with more players. Generally, a game of darts is played one on one or between two even teams. However, what will you do if you have an odd number of people? Here is a list of games that are best for an odd number of people.

The best dart games for three players include –

Hare and hound darts

This game is an around the board variant. Here, one player starts a few places back than the others on the board and this player is the hound. The other players are the hares. The hound’s job is to catch up with the hares and pass them. Although even two players are enough to play this game, adding another player makes the game more difficult for the hound and also provides the hares with a sense of grouping up. Although the players do not play as a team, all hares work to keep ahead of the hound and even if one is caught and out of the game, he/she can cheer for the other hares.

Halve-it darts

It is one of the most versatile games of darts. You can play it with any number of players and make up the rules as you want. All players get their turns to throw three darts each to define their starting scores. After that, the players shoot at the previously agreed-upon targets on every round. If they can hit the target, they can add another number to their score. However, missing the target cuts the score in half. The players of this game can go from a hundred points to zero in just one round which makes it very interesting. When you are playing with two players, you can let every player decide on two or three targets which makes it a quick six or nine-round game. You may also go higher, but it makes the game more brutal.

Some other games you can try with three players are 501 darts, and Killer darts. You can buy the darts and dartboards from online sites like the Dartshopper.